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The voice that speaks for itself...

Voiceover Artist, London, UK

Romi voiceover IVR interactive voice response
Romi British female voiceover artist London


Why Voiceover?


I love the sound of different voices and I always listen to the voiceover on documentaries or the station announcements. I have always used my voice to communicate clearly, share information through presentations and engage learners in seminars and classes. Most recently I used my voice to teach yoga and feedback from customers was they found my voice relaxing and calming. This encouraged me to bring all my experience together and pursue my passion of being a voiceover artist.

I have taken voiceover training with a variety of established training providers including City Lit college (speech and drama dept), Gravy for the Brain, the Voiceover Network, as well as private coaching. I continue my regular practice with other voiceover artists in order to improve and refine my skills.

I believe that continuous professional development is key to maintaining a successful career and I regularly join in webinars on a range of voiceover topics. I recently attended the which broadened my understanding of the different areas of the voiceover industry and it also gave me the opportunity to connect with experts and other voiceover artists around the world.



I love the visual arts and while I was an undergraduate in the Chemistry department I set up a dark room (in the days before photography became digital). I enjoyed developing black and white photos and this paid off as I was placed in the top three of a Kodak photography competition!

I was also an active member of the Film and TV society and I had lots of fun making short films and documentaries. This led to work experience in the BBC.


Creative Writing


I have had a long-standing passion for creative writing. I have written several contemporary short stories which I will publish as a series.

In recent years I started writing my first novel. It was a long-held desire and watching it unfold is a wonderful experience.

Romi voiceover documentary narration
Romi voiceover artists narration non fiction


I have travelled extensively as I am fascinated by different cultures and traditions. I backpacked around the world after completing my undergraduate degree. I travelled through the Far East, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

I also spent one month travelling by rail through several countries in Europe. I have continued travelling and have visited Eastern European countries. I have also spent some time in Africa and in India studying Sanskrit, Yoga and Ayurveda.

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