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The voice that speaks for itself...

Voiceover Artist, London, UK


My studio 

I record from my studio which records broadcast-quality audio. Having my own studio enables me to work globally for clients in the UK and across the world. I can also travel to studios in London or nearby. 

The Process​

We start by having a chat about the project so I am clear about what is required, your deadline, and how and where you will use the finished voiceover. This information enables me to give you an industry-standard quote for the project.

Romi voiceover medical eLearning

The Quote

It is important to distinguish between the cost to

produce the audio and the value the audio brings

to the client, on the basis of where and how it is used.

The total cost of work is made up of two fees: the

basic studio fee and the usage fee.

1) The basic studio fee is the cost to record the audio.

This includes the amount of time it takes to record

the voiceover. This is calculated by the length of the

script (number of words), whether this script is stand

alone or is accompanying a video and whether the

recording session will be directed.

2) The usage fee depends on how the voiceover will

be used. It is the cost of the licence to use the recording

for commercial gain. For example, if :

i) The audio is for staff training. In this case there is no commercial gain, so there is no usage fee.

ii) The audio is a promotional video and put on a website to attract new business (B2B or B2C) then its commercial value is higher.

iii) The audio is a commercial and aired on TV or the internet, then its value is even higher and ​other key factors are how frequently will it be used, for what period and at what time (peak or off-peak). 

Some customers may want to use the voiceover indefinitely and therefore “buy out” the usage while other customers may prefer to licence the usage for a defined time e.g. 3 months, 6 months or more. This option reduces initial cost and leaves the option to renew the licence for a further run, or take the opportunity to update the existing project or create something entirely new.

Romi voiceover telephone IVR

2.    You direct the session remotely while I record in my studio. For this we arrange a mutually agreeable time. I offer the following facilities that enable the remote recording: Bodalgocall, Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype. Other ways to connect can also be discussed.

3.    I can come to record in your studio if it is in London or close by. The travel time / costs will be added to the quote.

Getting started

Once you are happy with the quote and we have agreed on it in writing, I will send you a copy of our agreement, including the terms and conditions. You need to give me the final, approved version of your script. Please proofread your script to ensure there are no mistakes. I also check for correct pronunciation of any non-English or technical words, and how you want acronyms to be read before I start to record.

There are several options for the way the recording format:
1.    You give me written or verbal directions about the style you want, to record 
your script. Please listen to my voicereels and let me know which style you prefer. Alternatively, I could record a few lines of your script to get your feedback and approval. I will then record the script in my studio and send the audio to you.​

Romi voiceover commercial

The recording

I use professional recording equipment. I offer initial post-production of the audio files, including editing of unwanted noises and breaths on a complimentary basis. This means you receive a clean, broadcast-quality audio that you can use or apply further post-production. The audio files are saved in an MP3 format (or WAV if requested). Depending on the size of the audio file I can email it to you or transfer it via WeTransfer or Dropbox. 

If you require a full post-production service, I can arrange that with a professional sound engineer and send you the additional quote.

Post recording

In the unlikely event that there is an error in the recording, I will re-record it free of charge. However, if you have made a mistake in the script, or if words need to be changed for whatever reason, then a fee will apply to cover the time taken to record again.

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My voiceover will contribute to the success of your business. My aim is that you will be a satisfied customer and you will come back for future voiceover projects and recommend me to others.

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